Douglas Gordon - Tennis Tournament

Although the lockdown release news is promising, we are at least allowed back on court for singles, regrettably we have no choice but to cancel our tournament this year. We had hoped to reschedule for September, but sadly it is just not possible, as we are unable to guarantee the health and safety of our players and spectators, which is of paramount importance to the Trust and our sponsors.

This is a major blow, as not only do we love holding the Tournament, which is now in its 20th year, but most importantly, it provides a major source of income to support our ongoing research programmes within our research laboratories.

We'd still really appreciate your help, we know these are challenging times, but let’s not allow coronavirus to win, please support us to keep our vital research on schedule and help us to keep on with our battle to conquer cancer. If you have enjoyed attending the event in the past and would like to keep supporting us, we hope you might consider a ‘Pay not Play’ donation.


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Or send your cheque and message to: Lucy Wilkinson, The Bob Champion Cancer Trust, Unit D, Molasses House, Clove Hitch Quay, Plantation Wharf, London SW11 3TN. For more information call 020 7924 3553.

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