The Bob Champion Cancer Trust
The race so far...

The success of The Bob Champion Cancer Trust in the research field owes much to our policy of rapid assessment for funding of carefully selected research projects, thereby opening the way to early investigation of any potential advances in treatment.

The race isn't over yet...

Professor Colin Cooper outlines future research projects at the recently completed Bob Champion Centre for Urological Cancers...


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Bridge Lane, London, SW11 3AD.
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Registered Charity No. 1024664

After Bob Champion and Aldaniti won the 1981 Grand National, the interest and enthusiasm generated by "racing’s greatest fairytale" led to the foundation in 1983 of The Bob Champion Cancer Trust. Five years later, nearly to the day of the victory, the Bob Champion Cancer Research Unit was opened within the Royal Marsden NHS Trust Hospital in Sutton, Surrey.

The Trust’s commitments have extended beyond the Unit with two patient-related projects; the Aldaniti Rehabilitation Unit plus the Bob Champion Lounge, a leisure area for those having prolonged in-patient care.
The Bob Champion Research Centre for Urological Cancer forms part of the first male dedicated cancer research centre in the UK and helps bring together research expertise into prostate, testicular and bladder cancers.

Our aims are to improve methods of detection and treatment, to identify cancer genes, and ultimately to eradicate male cancers.
From the start...
It was 1979 and I was riding high in my career. Then came the news that no one wants to hear - I had cancer in two parts of my body and possibly only a few months to live. The dream that kept me going through the long months of chemotherapy, was that one day I might win the Grand National on Aldaniti.

Against all the odds, in 1981 my dream came true. Not only did I win a very public victory in the Grand National, but also a very personal victory against cancer.

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If you would like to know more about the work of the Trust or to become involved please do get in touch, email or call 020 7924 3553.

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