The Bob Champion Cancer Trust

How it all began

After Bob Champion and Aldaniti won the 1981 Grand National, "racing's greatest fairytale" led to the foundation in 1983 of The Bob Champion Cancer Trust.

The Bob Champion Cancer Trust supports and raises funds for the Bob Champion Cancer Research Laboratory, which forms part of the largest male dedicated research facility in Europe   Read More...

Latest News

Five types of bacteria linked to aggressive prostate cancer


Researchers at the University of East Anglia have found a link between bacteria and aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

First comprehensive survey of virus DNA found within cancer cells

Studied Cancer Types

Researchers from the University of East Anglia have helped to carry out the first comprehensive survey of viruses found within different types of cancer.
An international team systematically investigated the DNA found within more than 2,600 tumour samples from patients with 38 different types of cancer.

New test distinguishes 'tigers' from 'pussycats' in prostate cancer

Prof. Colin Cooper, University of East Anglia. Credit: University of East Anglia

Funded by donations to The Difference Campaign, including support from the Bob Champion Cancer Trust and The Masonic Charitable Foundation, Prof Colin Cooper and Dr Daniel Brewer from Norwich Medical School collaborated with Prof Vincent Moulton and Dr Bogdan Luca from UEA's School of Computing Sciences to devise a new framework for classifying human prostate cancer using a mathematical approach.

Scientific News

New treatment strategy could overcome drug resistance in testicular cancer

Men with testicular cancers called testicular germ cell tumours - which are most common in younger men - could benefit from a new combination of treatments if their chemotherapy stops working. Read more...

Research report Colin Cooper

Professor Colin Cooper and his laboratory have been responsible for identifying cancer genes involved in the development of sarcomas, kidney cancer and, bladder cancer. Read more...


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